Women's Health

Acupuncture Treatments for Infertility (including IVF patients)

There is an increasing body of scientific research that indicates that acupuncture can help regulate hormones, increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, and support emotional balance when you are experiencing increased stress and worry.  There is a lot of sound scientific evidence that supports the benefits of acupuncture in fertility.

Research from the British Acupuncture Council explains how acupuncture may help with fertility, IVF & ART, and induction of labour.

Similarly for a range of conditions such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Pre-mentrual syndrome and menopause it is thought that acupuncture may be able to help by reducing inflammation, stimulating nerves in muscles and other tissues leading to a release of endorphins and other neuro-humoral factors, thereby increasing relaxation and reducing tension.